I’m Hannah. Welcome to my corner of the internet!

I grew up in Southern New Hampshire, went to school at Elon University in North Carolina and currently call the East Village home here in New York City. I majored in film in college but don’t use that degree these days - I work in Talent Acquisition at a tech startup where I help fill exciting jobs at my fast-growing company. Outside of work is where I get to tackle my real passion - art.

I’ve always been interested in art and have doodled since I was a kid. I went to an International Baccaleurate school in my hometown and was enamored by the students who were accepted into IB Art, a rubric-free, ideas-flowing prestigious art course where students were given the green light to create whatever they pleased with appropriate research behind it. I told myself I would “learn how to draw” to get a ticket into that dreamland. I struggled through a few drawing and photography classes and found myself enrolled in the course senior year.

This is where I credit the foundations of my skill set. I got to find and articulate my style. I put on a gallery show before graduation with all of my pieces and felt, for the first time, like a cohesive artist.

I packed my bags and moved to North Carolina soon after. My degree was in communications, but I couldn’t stay away from my art supplies. I ended up minoring in studio art, not thinking I’d ever get to use my knowledge in the real world. I just saw it as an excuse to spend more time in the painting studio on campus. 

I became known as the “canvas girl” during sorority big-little season - I painted custom pieces for girls every year - I would see my work in everything from friends’ apartments to student dorms I passed through as a tour guide. This was my first taste of selling my work and I found out what people liked to see. This led to student stores where I operated booths - I loved getting to interface with students one-on-one and sell my work. It was exciting seeing a canvas I loved going to a new home. It made me smile, knowing that this piece I put so much work in was proudly displayed in someone’s home.

Fast forward to my life, nearly two years out of school and I’ve turned my side hustle into something much bigger. Finding a business partner who was a whiz in marketing and operations was just what my creativity needed. Creating an art line with all my best work is a dream come true, and it’s made possible by customers like yourself.

Everything you see here was hand-sketched with love and turned into a handful of unique products for you to enjoy it in many forms.

So, thanks for stopping in. I hope you find something you like and tell all your friends about it!